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How To Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

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This year, don’t let Daylight Saving Day knock you back. Prepare ahead of time with these tips we recommend and wake up feeling bright and recharged! 



Begin Adjust Soon
Jumping into a new sleep schedule in one day can cause poorer cognitive function and affect your mood. Start adjusting your sleep schedule as early as you can to be fully adjusted by daylight saving day. You can shift up your bed and wake up time by 110-15 minutes every day leading up to the hour change. This way you won’t feel such strong effects following the shift.


Sunlight Is Your Friend
Letting in any natural light your apartment may have in the morning can be an immediate mood booster. Natural light will signal to your body to wake up and stop secreting melatonin, which helps you sleep. Sunlight provides a plethora of health benefits so let the light shine into your room after our time adjusts!


Watch What and When You Eat
Before daylight saving, try your best not to consume foods or beverages that contain caffeine. In addition, eat earlier than later in the night to avoid indigestion or discomfort when you are sleeping. Eating too close to your bedtime can lead to midnight bathroom trips or heartburn lowering your quality and quantity of sleep. 


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