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Holiday Gift Ideas


With the holiday season upon us, it is now the best time to utilize your apartment space for gatherings. At The Vue, we have all the best amenities you need to make sure your guests stay warm and enjoy the holiday. With breathtaking views of the city, our Downtown Portland apartment complex is the ultimate destination for your winter parties. Still need help thinking of what to get your friends and family? Don’t sweat it! Here are a few of our favorite gifts you can give to everyone!


For Parents:
What do you get the parents that have it all? This year, get them something personalized and monogrammed with their names to give the gift a special touch. A set of matching embroidered long robes will keep them warm and cozy this winter. You can also order a whole set for the family and rock the style together during your family gathering. Nothing beats feeling like you are in a luxurious spa all day!

For Children:
Kids are always interested in a new thing every year and it can be hard to keep up with what they like. Try sticking to something that is simple and they are sure to make good use of your gift. Depending on the child’s age you can get them a new outfit from their favorite clothing store, a subscription to educational magazines such as National Geographic, or even a gift card to the app store so they can purchase items for their phones.

For Coworkers:
It is always fun to spread the holiday cheer, so don’t forget about the people you see every day at work! If you have a bunch of people on your team you would like to gift, candy is always an easy option. If you have a couple of work besties, you can give them gift cards to their favorite coffee place, or a fun desk calendar they can look back on the whole upcoming year.

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