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5 New Games For Game Night

Don’t invite your friends over because you’re ashamed of your apartment? Find your perfect home at Vue Apartments. Located on top of a brewery, our apartments for rent in Downtown Portland are an ideal spot to host gatherings!
Head down for a nice beer and then come back up for game night and enjoy the luxury amenities our community offers! Have no more shame in inviting your friends over to hang when you lease one of our studio, one, two, or three bedroom apartments. 


We’ve compiled a list of our favorite games to play so you can be ready when you bring everyone over to see your new place!



Jackbox Party Pack

If you think you and your friends have fun humor, try playing some of the online games from Jackbox Party Packs. These games are highly interactive and are a crowd pleaser at larger parties. You can test your wit in a game of Quiplash or see how well you know trivia in Trivia Murder Party. Get your friends together to play any Jackbox game for some friendly competition like you’ve never experienced before.




UNO might sound boring, but it can be very fast paced and exciting if players all challenge each other. UNO now has various new variations to play by if the original game doesn’t interest you. These games have slightly different rules and new cards to understand but they will keep you on your toes to win!


Cards Against Humanity


This game contains adult content so a mature audience is more appropriate for Cards Against Humanity. If you’ve never heard of this game before, it follows a fill in the blank response instruction where one person will give out a card that has blanks in it and the other players will play down cards with words they want to use to replace the blanks. The funniest or best answer will earn the point! This game has been around for a while, but there are various extension packs you can get to make the wildest combinations for all the laughs!


Settlers of Catan


If your friends are looking for a game that is competitive and makes you use your brain a bit, Catan is a fun game perfect for that category. The objective of the game is to win 10 victory points by gaining enough resources to place down settlements and buy development cards. The strategy for Catan can change every time you play depending on how you set up the board and you can play to win or sabotage the other players for fun. 


What Do You Meme?

This game is very similar to Cards Against Humanity in that it’s the same rules where one person has a main card and other players respond with a card that will be applied to the main card. The main card has a meme printed on it and the other cards are all captions that the players think are the most appropriate caption for the meme image. There are various expansion packs for this game as well so you have a lot of options to create funny memes of your own!


Visit us today and see why you belong at our Downtown Portland apartment complex. You can call us at (855) 381-4186 to schedule your personal tour. We can’t wait to meet you!