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5 Apartment Organization Hacks


Looking for a new apartment in Portland, OR? The Vue is where you should be. We offer studio, one, two, and three bedroom apartments sure to fit anyone’s needs. 


At The Vue, we want your new apartment in Portland to feel like home. We have comprised a list of ways to do just that. Here are a few of the many ways you can make the most of the space in your new apartment home. 


Invest In An Ottoman That Does Double Duty


An ottoman shouldn’t just be a great place to rest your feet, but it should also help tuck away those extra pillows and blankets that you just don’t know what to do with when your guests come over. 


Add a Shoe Rack


Are your shoes spilling out of your closet? A tiered shoe rack can add tons of space and help free up the floor of your closet!

Drawer Dividers


Do you have large drawers with many different types of things all piled into one? Drawer dividers can be a total lifesaver to help to keep your t-shirts, socks, and undergarments drawers organized!


Under-the-Sink Rack


The space under the cabinet sink can sometimes feel like a sea of lost items. Investing in an under-the-sink storage rack to help you stay more organized.


Large Mirrors


No matter if you’re in a small or large space, mirrors are capable of completely transforming a room. Not only do they create more light, but they also give the illusion that the room is much larger than it actually is. 


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